"I love things that age well - things that don't date, that stand the tests of time and that become living examples of the absolute best"

- Giorgio Armani- 

Thank You for Your Inquiry...

A bit about my approach to design:


I have been a practicing Interior Designer as well as a mentor for over a decade. 

Yet, after all this time, I have found the design of an interior is not just a picture in a magazine, far from it.


It is a very personal space that needs to be developed person by person, room by room and I truly feel even something as simple as a pillow can have a certain soulful quality.

Each room needs an individual personality, a feel, a life of its own.

If I could, I would name every room I design just like a child. It's that unique, as it should be.

Each room in a home should have it's own soul, feeling, reason for being and upon breaching the doorway it should be absolutely apparent that everything is there for a reason and has a purpose.

This takes a special type of relationship, not only with the home, but also with the proprietor, to meld a perfect balance of old and new to achieve the design, and felling, of "Home" that makes you never want to leave.

You have spent years to acquire the perfect property and I am here to help make it yours, for you now, and generations to come.

This takes time and is not an easy task...

But, when it is done right, with care, diligence, patience and attention to details that will last a lifetime, you will realize your vision of  a true  home, your nest for generations. 

Lets work together to make it your Sanctuary, a place to laugh, love and live exactly the way you envision it.

You provide me with the canvas, whatever property it may be, and I will truly, with all of my heart, work to make it your legacy residence.

All My Very Best...Always,

Natalie Carr


Harper & Lark